About the center

ZEC Kontija is designed as "House in Nature" with a solar energy source and its own water tank, and is designed as a permanent center of education in the field of natural and technical sciences primarily for young people (pupils and students) using laboratory equipment and modern teaching and experimentation methods. Its ambition is to become a center of excellence in the future.


At the same time, ZEC Kontija is a center for informing and educating local residents, visitors and tourists visiting the protected area of the Lim Bay and Kontija Forest, and a point that serves to organize and disseminate innovative tourist and sports arrangements. 


ZEC Kontija also serves the Natura Histrica Public Institution in its activities of managing protected areas in the County of Istria.


SEC Kontija center:

• reception and info point

• polyvalent multimedia room with a classroom - capacity about 40 seats

• space for accommodation of lecturers and participants in trainings and seminars - about 40 people

• space for accommodation and toilets adapted for people with disabilities

• office rooms and meeting room

• space for laboratory work

• bicycle storage / bicycle repair

• food: food and drink can be provided by arrangement


Surrounding area of SEC Kontija:

• free-standing climbing rock v = 3.2 m

• tactile / reflex path

• classroom with massive wooden benches in the shape of a labyrinth - capacity about 55 seats

• space for workshops, education or rest, with a canopy - solid wooden tables and benches - capacity about 60 seats

• interactive educational content on the topic of nature

• bicycle parking


Educational programs at SEC Kontija:

- adapted to the age of the participants with ready didactic materials

- conducted under the expert guidance of trained trainers


Who are they for?

• preschool children

• children from 1st to 4th grade of primary school

• children from 5th to 8th grade of primary school

• educators and teachers of 1st-4th grade of primary school

• teachers of 5th-8th grade of primary school

• students from the Republic of Croatia and abroad

• non-governmental organizations for nature and environmental protection

• tourism guides and tourism service providers

• visitors to ZEC Kontija 

• new educators (trainer training)


Contact Us

Klim - Kontija Kontija Lim Bay

Adress: Kloštar 30, Kloštar, 52450 Vrsar

Working hours

By appointment


Pupils and students: Not available
Natural persons: Not available
Legal entities: Not available